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Tuesday, May 16, 2006



I would like to sign up for the Swedish treatment program. Where do I Pick up my iPod Hi-Fi?


I'd also like a shiny black glossy screened MacBook please


Del, I think you'll have to start your own program for the MacBook.
And find funding. Somehow...


It's only those that don't become luddites after getting the ipod Hi-fi that get a MacBook. So far no MacBooks have been handed out. Basically you have to declare love for the iPod Hi-Fi. In Sweden, the land of sauna love, no-one has been capable of declaring this.


Is "sauna love" love *with* saunas, or love *in* saunas? That would be an important distinction, I think.

"shortly after receiving the monstrous device many express feelings of shame and are incredulous that they once desired such objects..."

...funny one of my first girlfriends felt this way exactly...


Cow Fodder.


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