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Saturday, September 10, 2005


John Moltz

"Seattle headquarters"?!

TACOMA, BABY! Seattle's ugly stepsister!

The rest is all accurate, though.


Look it's gotten so bad around CARS that Moltzy has resorted to posting over here.


The Peeled Apple is fastidious when it comes to checking sources and the facts behind the stories we print, so Moltz was contacted to confirm what Leslie Crowther had videophoned in.

How about that stuff with the turtles though? Most of it we couldn't print, can you believe he wears a turtle shell as a hat? Breeds them ...just for the hats.


Moltz has some cheek coming here, after he sicced Masako on the Mega Post... grrrr :P

Its like "I can't believe it's not butter" but with "there" instead of "butter". Sorta. hmmm.


Don't worry the kittens are after Masako. I told them I was too depressed to feed them fresh tuna and chicken while the Mega-Post is down.

They are just getting the canned stuff until the Mega-Post is back.

I just have to say that my Amazon purchases aren't going to CARS anymore. I'm deeply hurt by the loss of the Mega-Post (and my home).


Maybe I'll live here. It seems kind of cozy but where are my Cai and Huck and Psyko?

It just doesn't feel like home without them.


Come on guys we need to pull together and rescue Bill, and get back the Mega-Post, and stop the spread of Cricket and other boring sports World Wide!


SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION! to bring back the Mega-Post!!


I don't know I'm kinda liking the new mega-post. That old one was all iFlames and midgets. The new one's got more...iFlame.


Yeah I think the midgets got stuck in the old Mega-Post. They couldn't reach the emergency exit.


I just got finished meeting with an official apple rep!


Del the tomato

At least it doesn't take me long to ketchup in reading the posts in here.



*echoing hello returns*

Anyone here?

Sweet I guess that means I can sunbathe ... in the nude!


Boy if you want to increase traffic over this way I think you might be on to something!


Doing my part to increase traffic here.

Nothing else seemed to work.


It slowed down again...

By the way Jennifer fricking Connelly is also sunbathing in the nude here.


Do you think another story will be forthcoming this week, or maybe next week? I'm getting tired of looking at Jennifer fricking Connelly.


I don't think we will ever get a new story


WAIT! She just turned a bit and now there's a new angle. I'll be great for a bit.


I'll give her some oil based suntan lotion if that would help.


OK you people have had long enough to turn this into a new mega post and have failed miserably.

New Story Coming SOON!

Whoohoo WOW!


I did my best to try and make a new Mega-Post but I was told I wasn't allowed to post stack.


Um I heard rumors of new story or was that Gnu story?



*hears hello echoed back from the wide empty expanses. A tumbleweed rolls by*


*blasts tumbleweed with iFlame just for fun*

hey this could get addicting!

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