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Sunday, August 07, 2005



2 stories in a row without Cricket?

YAY Peeled Apple!

I've never had running ducks before. They look nifty.


the cool thing about them is when they run they don't waddle. They stay perfectly straight up and down, so it looks kind of like a person running. A tall, pencil necked, pear shaped person.


**WARNING** On Topic Post

Where else on the net can you get such "cutting edge" news? This is the type of story that has "legs". And it won't cost you an "arm and a leg" to get it either. But I'm totally "stumped". I'll be "chewing" on this one for a while.

Del The Pirate

Arrrh I'm going to flush those british seamen down the crapper! That was my Sub, I scuttled it unfair and square. Takin me loot and prisionarrrs is somethin you'll regret ya brittish pansies.

You soggy bilge rats will regret the day you crossed Del the Pirate.


I'm glad you've got multiple personalities Del, it looks like I've got more posters.

Thanks be to Jesus for scitsofreenia! (that's how we spell it here)


I'm so sad that no one picked up my deliberate misspelling of seamen.

What's the What's the freaking point?

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