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Monday, August 29, 2005


Del The Gir

French Quarter? Right now it looks more like the French nickel!

Plus those BASTARDS at ABC preempted an excellent last game in the Little League World Series just as it went into overtime with Hurricane coverage.

Hawaii won in OT just beating Curaco (last years world champions) when in the 3rd quarter they trailed 6-3.


New Orleans (Na-oleans) will survive it always does :)

Of course every time I go down there it looks more and more like every other crappy tourist spot. They've even pushed the Street Book Vendors off the beaten path so they can make the main streets more "yuppie" and they are forbidding the late night "vampire tours" you have to take them during the day now.


Amazing how the talking heads had Nawlins written off for the next few years. I fail to see the thousands dead as was predicted...


Some areas are under 8+ foot of water but they are at 55 deaths I think? Those are the people who refused to evacuate or go to safety shelters.


I've been watching CNN and Fox News and it certainly looks wet.

We don't often get good political sex/racism scandals here in Oz and I had one all lined up to laugh at...then the transgressor attempted suicide last night so good taste demands it'll have to wait 'till Friday. I think two days is the grace period before laughing at other peoples misery.,5744,16426373%5E28737,00.html


Two days wait? Wow you really are nicer than we are. Our media is at the bottom of the building yelling jump to try and get a better story.


*Del refrains from making comments on if the levy could have been fixed, the looting stopped, and food and water be made more available if the National Guard were here to do their duty.*

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